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Robert placed his hand on my thigh as he moved a little closer. Mzansi sfebe sex videos. I did not protest and allowed him to get a little more comfortable while Steven and Mary were of in the bathroom almost certainly going at it. Robert leaned in closer and spoke quietly in my ear. He commented on my perfume and my good looks. Magosha in protea north porn video. He told me he preferred strong women over demure ones.

Magosha in protea north video

Magosha in protea north video

He also dropped a few hints on how unhappy he was with his wife. Apparently she had been his girl since college and the sex appeal had fizzled out a long time ago. Ekasi mzansi sfebe porn video. All the signs were pointing in my direction so I figured I would play along.

I told Robert that a girl in my position had to be careful to watch out for herself. Being young, single and attractive was a bad combination. Mzansi magosha in protea north fucks. Had no mentor or husband to look out for my career and I did not want to be a secretary for ever.

I told him that I wanted to become a paralegal but had no money for school. Could hardly believe my ears when he blurted out that if I could keep a secret he may be able to help me. Real Mzansi sfebe pussy video. I had no idea Robert was such an easy target but I guess the combina-tion of the five vodka martinis he drank with the prospect of having sex with a hot twenty four year old set him off.

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Mzansi sfebe photos

One thing led to another and we realized that Mary and Steven were not coming back so I told him I was going to check on her and smirked at him. Taking the hint, he said he would see where Steven was. Horny magosha in protea north xxx videos. We both left the private booth we were sitting in and walked towards the rest room. The lounge was fairly well packed with suited business men and fashionably dressed young tigresses .

It seemed like every young woman in the city was looking for a “leg up” and I wondered if any of the guys even knew they were in the game. Mzansi local sex mzansi magosha. As we got to the hallway with the bathrooms, I noticed that there were several doors. Each one was marked with a unisex symbol and seemed like private bathrooms. There were four on the left and live on the right.

I walked to the first door on the left and it was locked. I knocked lightly and called Mary’s name. A couple of sec-onds passed and I heard her reply out of breath to me. Big booty magosha in protea north vid. I asked if she was alright and she told me she was, and then I heard her begin moaning again. Robert stood right behind me listening to the whole thing.

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He slid his hands around my waist and buried his face in my neck. He asked me if I would like to start looking for a paralegal pro-gram to enter into tomorrow morning. Pretoria North mzansi magosha. I smiled and turned towards him. Without a word he took my hand and walked me to one of the private bathrooms that were not occupied.

As soon as Robert closed the door behind us he pushed me against the sink and began kissing me passionately. Fat pussy magosha in protea north. I was fairly attracted to him so it did not take much for me to let the sex take over. He was a rather good kisser too, so the passion triggered the urge inside me and I began feeling a tingle.

I reached down to Robert’s bulge and felt how excited he was. His rod was rock hard and it turned me on to see his reaction when I squeezed it through his suit pants. Nude mzansi magosha vidz. He panted and kissed my neck taking nibbles like a hungry bear. I let the moment flow over me and began feeling the moisture between my delicate pink labia lubricate me.

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As he kissed my neck and chest, groping at my boobs through my shirt. Wet magosha in protea north for sale. I told him I liked it from behind. He wasted no time at spinning me around and lifting my skirt. Wobbled slightly on my high heels as I felt Robert rip my thong from my tight narrow waist.

Gasped in surprise at his passionate and forceful action. I watched him in the mirror as he lifted the moistened panties to his face and breathed in their delicate scent. South Africa mzansi magosha. The smell of my womanhood seemed to drive him crazy. He began to undo his belt buckle as I quietly reached into my small purse for my cell phone.

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He let his pants drop to the floor around his shoes as I pointed the camera at his stiff man meat through the mirror. I told him how excited it would make me to look at it after we were done and masturbate so he proudly showed it to the camera.

He squeezed it and wagged it like a boy with a new toy as I leaned over the vanity taking video of him on my cell phone. er a few revealing minutes of video recording I told him I could not take it anymore and I wanted to feel him inside me.

It drove him wild to hear me talk dirty to him and he wasted no time at all. I continued rolling the video as he spat on his fingers and lubricated the head of this throbbing cock. I got a good shot of his face as he positioned his cock in front of my crotch, ready to penetrate me.


I backed up and sat on the wash basin, and raised my legs up to give him access to my aching pussy. He pushed the head of his cock between my pussy lips and spread them wide open. I sighed as he began to fuck me, my head bobbing onto the mirror behind me.

His eyes remained fixed on his hard cock as he watched it sliding in and out of my tight, wet pussy.