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African short funny jokes how to locate your wife in a crowd.

HOW TO LOCATE YOUR WIFE IN A CROWD WITHOUT WASTING YOUR CREDIT! If you go to a function like wedding reception/party or naming ceremony where there are many people attending the occasion,But, suddenly, your wife just disappear to greet her friends.

And you find it very difficult to locate her again. Please don’t stress yourself in calling her on phone. Just look for another beautiful lady and start talking to her neutrally. Before you ask of her name, your wife will be standing next to you…..! You will just hear hee say “Honey, I have been looking for you since”!

Mom & daughter short african joke.

A girl was crying bitterly african funny short jokes.

  • Mom: What happened dear?
  • Daughter: Mom do I look like a wicked witch?
  • Mom: No!
  • Daughter: Are my eyes big as toad?
  • Mom: No!
  • Daughter: Is my nose flat?Mom: No baby!
  • Daughter: Am I fat like a bulldog?
  • Mom: You have a fine physique, you are a barbie doll!
  • Daughter: Then why people tell me that you look like your mom?

How to save fuel short african joke.


There are myths and facts about fuel saving but most drivers dwell on myths more than facts. Here are simple steps that any driver can follow and end up saving fuel by 85%.

Before you start your engine, make sure you check on your engine oil and coolant levels. Start your car engine let it run for atleast 30 seconds to allow oil to circulate.

As it runs check on the tyre pressure and make sure they are good. After the 30 seconds switch off your car engine. Lock the doors, and walk to work. Repeat this every day until you have enough money for fuel.

Atm african short funny african joke.

Aguy is drawing money at the ATM. The crazy man behind him in the queue laughs

  • Crazy Man: “Ha ha ha! i’ve seen your password.I’ts four stars.”
  • Guy replies “Ha ha. you are so so crazy” I’ts 1258, you fool.”

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Mental hospital african joke

A doctor wanted to release 3 mad people from the hospital. African short funny jokes.

He asked the 1st mad man: 2+2 = ? He replied: 3,700. You are really mad, the doctor said. The second mad man replied: 2+2 = Wednesday. You are not far from death, the doctor said. The third mad man answered, 2+2 = 4. Thus good! How did u get the answer? The doctor asked. He replied, “I divided 3,700 by Wednesday. “The doctor collapsed.

African short funny jokes.

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